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Put on a Delightful Hollywood Theme Party or Dinner!

Order your Hollywood Party Supplies in time for your Hollywood party!

Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead and order party supplies for a fabulous Hollywood Theme Party! Plan the date, time, and menu. List everything you need. Party decorations set the atmosphere and mood, they're the first thing guests will notice. Include party favors, a centerpiece for the table and other details to set the scene.

Make your guests feel like celebrities with our Hollywood Star Event Invitations! Invitations set the tone of your event and first impressions are crucial. Make it easy for guests to find you by displaying a V.I.P. Entrance Door Banner! Roll out the Red Carpet Sidewalk Runner for guests to walk on. Designate parking areas with our Celebrity Limo Parking Sign. Don't let your guests be disturbed or wander into undesignated areas with our Celebrities Only Crowd Control Tape. Have a star-studded extravaganza! Decorate your party with Lifesize Standups (Cutouts) of your favorite Celebrities! They also make great photo props!

Keep children entertained with planned activities, like creating a scrapbook. Choose from a variety of our Hollywood themed confetti which doubles as scrapbook decorations! Polaroids from the party are great for the scapbooks and a reminder of the party they can take home!

Of course, don't forget our Hollywood themed party supplies such as, Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, and hanging party decorations to add flair to your party! Capture the scene forever with our Clapboard Picture Frame. For a kid birthday party make him/her feel like a star in our Child's Director Chair (Walnut finished hardwood with pink or black cloth). Our Walk of Fame Paper Weights, Walk of Fame Coasters and Customizable Walk of Fame Star replicas make for a great party favor or gift! Give the guest of honor a customized Walk of Fame Star or a Trophy and give yourself a Trophy for throwing the best party or dinner that your friends and family will talk about for years to come! Whether you're planning a theme party at home or at the office, or you're producing a gala event, we'll help you party in premiere Hollywood style...

Hollywood Party Supplies...DIRECT FROM HOLLYWOOD!


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Fun & Easy Party Planning Tips

Building a Star-Studded Atmosphere
Place our life-size & life-like celebrity Standup figures throughout the room or in staged areas so guests can take pictures with the stars. Decorate the walls with our various movie and celebrity posters, glossy photos, movie stills and stage scenes. Hang our Movie Reels at various points from the ceiling, connecting each one with developed film strip going from one reel to the next. Also use developed film strip in conjunction with streamers, segmented with our wide variety of plain and colored film strip bows. Post up famous street signs, freeway signs or license plates. Use our Award Trophies, Reels, Camera Props, Film Cans (as decor or filled with sweets..) & other accessories as table centerpieces, with flower arrangements or wines in a true Hollywood fashion. For buffet tables, add our jumbo 70MM bows to bring character to the table runner.

Gifts & Giveaways
Customize our Statuettes with personalized messages and give them as prizes or honorable dedications. Use our gift bags to hold handouts or other giveaways. You'll find that our camera pens, key chains, paper weights and other small gifts perfectly compliment anything else you might treat your guests to (candy, snacks, games, toys...). Use our film cans as Gift Boxes and top them with a film bow. Give our 'Walk of Fame' stars, director clapboards, mini director chairs, shirts, caps, picture frames, salt & pepper shakers, shot glasses, and other Hollywood props and icons in games as prizes. Go wild in our party hats, Elvis sunglasses, selection of face masks, party eye glasses & other tinseltown wear.

Be the Life of the Party!
For extra fun, you or servers at your party can dress up as classic movie stars- easy to recognize stars have very simple costumes, such as Charlie Chaplin (suit, cane, hat) or Marilyn Monroe (white dress, high heels, wig). This is great entertainment for guests while being greeted or served. Alternately, you can have staff on hand wearing our movie "Crew" caps. Show that you're in charge by donning the "Director" cap and t-shirt!

Other Inspirations
You may further impress your guests by giving away some of the props & decorations to take home at the end of the event. * (proven to be truly appreciated on numerous occasions). We dare you to use your imagination and create that unique atmosphere using our products in combination with your own supplies... Order today to make sure you have enough time to decorate & Have a Real Blast !!!

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