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We realize not everyone can make it to Hollywood, so we have taken steps to bring Hollywood to everyone. Our Web site, www.Hollywoodsouvenirs.com, features 3,000 Hollywood products and is accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. We get heavy traffic from all over the world, a true testament to how universal Hollywood has become.

The Zahavi Family, owners of Hollywoodsouvenirs.com, also have owned and operated four separate stores in Hollywood for 20 years and have developed a well-respected name within the community for style, taste, management, service, hard work and dedication. Through the years, their experiences have provided them with the ability to create a qualitative and well-presented inventory for their diversified clients.

With a constant eye on the latest trends in the Hollywood and entertainment industries, the Zahavis have continued to update their inventory and have retained the most recent licensed Hollywood specialty items from Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios and many others.

In addition to its extensive line of licensed items, Hollywoodsouvenirs.com also carries popular novelty items for each individual's needs and budget.

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